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How many adults require hair and/or makeup?

How many flowergirls require hair and/or makeup?

Please provide the first names of those having hair and/or makeup services done on your special day!

Ex.          Julie (Bride) - hair & makeup
               Mary (Bridesmaid) - hair & makeup

Do you have a confirmed date and time for your wedding?

When is your special day?

What time is your ceremony?

Please give a specific time!
What time do you need your hair and makeup completed by?

This allows us to make sure we can plan to be there early enough to get everyone looking amazing.
Ex. 10am
Where will you be getting ready?

Where will you be travelling to after your hair and make-up is completed?

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Home/ Other Address

please include street, suburb and postcode
Parking Type

This helps us plan the day and ensure we arrive on time without any issues.
Select other if you are unsure please.

Agree to Terms and Conditions?

We ask that in paying your deposit and securing your booking that you read our terms and conditions. Please note there is a cooling off period from payment of your deposit.
Please click on the link to access the the Terms and conditions.

Questions/ Comments

Thank you for requesting to book your Wedding with us. We require a deposit to secure your booking, one of our team will be in touch shortly to discuss the deposit and methods of payment
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